Taliban: Taliban shut down women-run radio station, action taken on playing music in Ramadan

Afghanistan: Since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan in August 2021, new decrees are being issued regarding women. Many types of laws have been imposed on women. Meanwhile, a new news has come to the fore regarding women in the month of Ramzan. In fact, a radio station run by women in Afghanistan has been shut down. The rulers did not like the music played by the radio station during Ramzan. For this reason this decision has been taken. 

According to local media reports, a women-run radio station in Afghanistan called Sadai Banowan has been shut down. Always used to be the voice of women. There were a total of eight staff in this radio station, out of which six were women employees. According to reports, this radio station started ten years ago. Earlier also music was played during Ramzan but there was no such objection. 

Radio station accused of flouting rules 

The radio station denied the allegations 

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