Dogs Attack: Special teams to catch stray dogs at night

Dogs Attack: Special teams to catch stray dogs at night

Hyderabad‌ City Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi said that measures are being taken to implement the recommendations suggested by the High Level Committee formed for the control of stray dogs in the city. The high level committee members visited the field and handed over a 26-point report to Mayor Vijayalakshmi on the precautions to be taken for dog control. The members of the committee brought to the attention of the mayor many issues to be undertaken at the field level. 

The members of the committee suggested to the mayor that veterinary, sanitation and health departments should take coordinated measures to control dog bites. He said that steps should be taken to increase the current number of sterilizations from 300 to 400 per day and dog squad teams should work at night to catch dogs. It has been informed that Veterinary Field Assistants should be appointed for two years through outsourcing method at the rate of two per ward to implement the services of the Veterinary Department ward wise. Moreover, as the veterinary officers are working in small numbers, steps should be taken to appoint another 31 private veterinary doctors through outsourcing for two years, he said. There are 50 catching vehicles to catch stray dogs. So if 10 more vehicles are arranged, two vehicles per circle‌ can be controlled by means of vehicles. ), requested the Mayor to promote the Don’ts, cinema theaters, electronic media and other media. He said that to reduce the birth of dogs, to control the dogs coming from other municipalities, the sterilization process should be carried out properly and the adoption of stray dogs should be encouraged. He said that the name of Dog Catching Squad should be changed to Stray Dog Sterilization Unit. Mayor Vijayalakshmi ordered the authorities to take joint measures to control street dogs. She directed the Joint Commissioner to make either a sanitation jawan or the SFA responsible for removing garbage from zoned hotels, restaurants and function halls in the city from time to time. The Mayor said that along with proper sanitation, it will help control the dogs. Identified the places where the dogs roam and together with the veterinary department. Actions should be taken for control at the field level.

Arrangement of 60 vehicles with two vehicles in 30 circles to catch street dogs  The mayor ordered the officials to do  The mayor said that the government has taken all measures to conduct anti-birth control operations in the municipalities. He said that instead of a dog squad to catch stray dogs, it has been changed to a sterilization squad and measures should be taken to outsource staff in the veterinary department.  

Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi explained to the members that as per the committee report, a meeting will be arranged with the high level committee members as well as the additional commissioner sanitation health and veterinary officers to review the whole level.

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