New information suggests ‘Omicron’ became widespread long before rescue began

Brussels, Nov 30 (AP) New findings about the ‘omicron’ nature of the coronavirus made it clear on Tuesday that the emerging threat spread widely before rescue began, as two countries today It has the first confirmed cases and the third reported its presence even before South African officials sounded the alarm.

The Netherlands’ RIVM Health Institute informed that ‘Omicron’ was found in samples from 19 and 23 November.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that South Africa first reported this pattern to the United Nations health agency on 24 November.

Meanwhile, Japan and France today reported their first cases related to a new virus, which has once again dashed the world’s hopes of returning to normalcy and raised fears that the worst is yet to come. remains.

It’s not clear where or when the new pattern first emerged or how contagious it might be – but it has forced countries to impose travel restrictions, especially on people arriving from South African countries. South Africa has criticized these steps and the WHO has described the limited impact of such steps.

Meanwhile, German officials said they had found an ‘Omicron’ infection in a man who had neither traveled abroad nor been in contact with anyone.

This new information about the new form of corona virus has now created a different kind of concern around the world. However, many experts have tried to allay the fear by saying that anti-Covid vaccines are still the biggest weapon against the pandemic.

AP Netrapal Pawanesh



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