Los Angeles Firing: Firing outside grocery store in Los Angeles, one dead, three seriously injured

US Los Angeles Gun Firing: A firing incident took place on Saturday (April 1) afternoon outside a grocery store in Los Angeles, USA. One person was killed and three people were seriously injured in the firing. According to a local police official, the firing took place around 3:45 pm. 

According to the Los Angeles Police Department spokesman’s report, the shooting took place in the San Fernando Valley West Hills located in Los Angeles. A 45-year-old man died at the scene, according to Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart.

People injured in the shootout were admitted to the hospital
Police officials said that a 35-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, while a 35-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man were injured. The condition of the person remains critical. At the same time, after the firing incident, the suspected attacker was taken into custody. However, police officer Jay Chavez says it is not yet clear what happened before the incident.

In recent days, incidents of firing are being seen continuously in America. In America, on Monday (March 27) this week, a shooting incident took place at a private school in Nashville. A total of 6 people were brutally murdered in this incident, which included three children and three adults. However, the shooter was killed later in the shootout. According to police information, the shooter was a transgender, who was also an alumnus of the school. 

In America 10 attacks in the year 2023
According to the New York Times report, there has been no respite in mass shootings in the US in the early months of 2023. In America this year, within three months, 10 shooting incidents have been carried out. A total of 59 people died in this incident.

These attacks usually happen in public places only. The result of increasing gun culture in America is that such deadly attacks keep happening every day. To prevent this, the government is also trying to bring strict rules in the process of buying guns.

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