How is this dude? We are waiting for 833 days so America is giving visa to China in 2 days

from India visa to usa There is a long wait of up to 2 years for this and they are facing a lot of problems due to this. Amidst the displeasure and complaints of the Indian people, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday called on the US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken from India before US visa Raised the issue of pendency of large number of applications. The US cited the Corona epidemic as the main reason for this, while their website is saying that the visa application for Beijing is being disposed of in 2 days while the application from Delhi takes 848 days.

The US State Department website shows that there is an appointment waiting time of 833 days for visa applications from Delhi and 848 days from Mumbai. Whereas in contrast, the waiting time for Beijing, the capital of China, is only 2 days, while the waiting time for applications from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is 450 days.

1 day waiting for student visa from islamabad

Whereas for student visa, the waiting time from Delhi and Mumbai is 430 days, for visitor visa in Rajdhani it is 833 days and for other visas the waiting time is 390 days. Similarly, for visitor visa in Mumbai, 848 days have to wait and for other visas, 392 days have to be waited.

Waiting time for Delhi

Visa Us Beijing

waiting time for beijing

Surprisingly, this is just one day's waiting time for Islamabad for student visa, while two days for Beijing. The waiting time of application from Islamabad for visitor visa is 450 days. So whether it is a visitor visa for Beijing or a student visa, the waiting time is only 2 days for both.

Visa Us Islamabad

waiting time for islamabad

Earlier, amidst the plight of the Indian people, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar along with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken yesterday raised the backlog of visa applications from India. However, on this issue, the top US diplomat said that he is sensitive to this matter and he has a plan to resolve it. Antony Blinken blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the pendency of visa applications for Indian citizens.

Delay due to Corona: America

After the US halted the process of processing almost all visa applications worldwide in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, US visa services are now trying to clear pending applications.

The two foreign ministers met here for about an hour. It is also in our mutual interest to facilitate the development and movement of talent, Jaishankar said during a media interaction with Blinken at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the Ministry of External Affairs here after the meeting. We agreed that the impediments to this should be removed.

Internet users pleaded for help

Earlier, several internet users in India took to Twitter on Wednesday to express their concerns over the delay in deciding on applications made by Indians for US visas. Some users said that this delay is harming the interests of Indian students and professionals. He shared such media reports on Twitter, which in some cases mentioned the visa waiting period of more than a year.

One user tweeted saying, “A large number of millionaires, technology professionals, doctors and students from India are keen to move to the US. The visa waiting period is more than a year." This user started interviewing for US visa; waiting period? Only 800 days! Also shared a screenshot of a media report published with the title. Similarly, another user tagged External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and wrote, "Sir, India-US visa issue is really hurting the interests of many students and professionals. Please, help raise their voice."

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