Elon Musk: Tesla sued for 16 162.2 million

JPMorgan says he had the right to adjust the strike price. After Musk’s tweet on August 7, 2018, his strike value was greatly reduced. Shares of Tesla could be bought for 20 420 per dollar, which was said to secure funding. But by the time the warrant expired, Tesla’s share price had risen tenfold. & Nbsp;

So Tesla sold shares –
Should Tesla shares be sold? Alan Musk asked fans and social media users around the world on Twitter. Netizens voted in favor of selling shares. Musk then sold his shares. Alan Musk has so far sold कार 6.9 billion worth of electric car shares. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Musk’s fortune grows –
Alan Musk is one of the richest men in the world. Musk became the first person in the world to cross the 300 billion mark. Musk’s fortune has grown exponentially in 2021. & nbsp;

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