Corruption in Pakistan: No one else but corruption in Pakistan drowned it, know what Transparency International’s report says

Karachi: Pakistan has been included in the list of ten countries which have come at the bottom of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI). Pakistan has got the lowest ranking in the year 2022 ranking. In a report of Transparency International, it has been told that after the year 2012, Pakistan has got such a bad ranking. CPI is released every year by Transparency International. This index is prepared by the organization after assessing the levels of corruption present in the public sector.

Pakistan’s ranking worsened
In the year 2018, Pakistan got 117 out of 180 rankings. But in a few years this ranking declined. In the year 2021, this country had come at 140th place. This year i.e. in the year 2022, Pakistan has been given the same ranking. Pakistan’s CPI score has come down to 27 points, while it was 28 a year ago. With this, Pakistan has come in the list of countries where corruption has increased.
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Imran Khan’s false promises
According to this report, the condition of Pakistan is very bad. When Imran Khan was in power in the country, he had promised as the Prime Minister that he would deal with the fast growing corruption. At the same time, we will take social and economic reforms forward rapidly. But when he assumed power in 2018, he did not do any such thing. Most importantly, the new government has not allowed any political scandals to develop that could hinder comprehensive anti-corruption measures, the report said.

condition of india and bangladesh
In the report, apart from Pakistan, there has been a decline in the CPI ranking of some other countries. The CPI score of Luxembourg declined by 77, Canada 74, UK 73, Austria 71, Malaysia 47, Mongolia 33, Pakistan 27, Honduras 23, Nicaragua 19 and Haiti 17. India and Bangladesh have been ranked 85th and 147th respectively. According to the report, corruption has played a major role in disturbing the peace of the world in the last 15 years. The report states that corruption undermines the capabilities of government that are essential to public safety and public trust.

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