Biden Skin Cancer Removed: Operation of wound taking the form of cancer on President Biden’s chest, White House doctor reveals

America: A big update has come out regarding the health of US President Joe Biden. Actually, a wound on Biden’s chest was taking the form of cancer, this wound has been successfully removed by operation. Doctors claim that now there is no danger of any kind. Information about this wound came to the fore during a regular checkup. 

According to a Reuters report, White House doctor Dr. Kevin O’Connor informed on Friday (March 3) that the wound removed from Biden’s chest contained cancer ‘basal cells’. He told that the biopsy confirmed that the small lesion was basal cell carcinoma. Cells taking the form of cancer have been successfully removed by operation. Now there is no question of any kind of danger. US President is totally fit. 

The White House doctor said in a report made public that information about basal cell carcinoma was found during a routine checkup. Although they do not spread or metastasize, basal cells have the ability to increase in size. That’s why they need to be removed through surgery, otherwise the problem can be serious.


US President Joe Biden’s February biopsy confirmed a skin lesion removed from his chest was a basal cell carcinoma – a common form of skin cancer – and all cancerous tissue was successfully removed, Reuters reported citing the White House physician Kevin O’Connor

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— ANI (@ANI) March 3, 2023

The medical checkup was done on February 16

O’Connor claimed that the biopsy site had healed well. However, President Biden will be kept under observation. He further said that we hope that the President will not need any kind of treatment in future. According to the information received, Biden had a regular medical checkup on February 16 last month. During this the wound was removed and then the President was declared fit for duty. About which information has now come to the fore. 

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