American threat in front of Putin also battered, Russia close to capturing another city of Ukraine

US President Joe Biden recently visited war-torn Ukraine. During this he was seen walking on the streets of Kiev with Zelensky. With this step, he tried to give a message to Russia in a way. However, American threats are not having much impact on Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian army has come very close to capturing another city of Bakhmut in Ukraine. Even before this, Putin’s fighters had captured many cities.

Russian troops fire cannons as they capture the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut on Friday. With this B Moscow inched closer to its first major win. The head of Russia’s Wagner private army said the city had been left in ruins by seven months of ongoing attacks. It is almost completely surrounded. Only one road was still open to the Ukrainian army. That too has been destroyed by a rain of cannons.

Reuters has confirmed Russian shelling of routes leading west from Bakhmut. A bridge in Khromov has been damaged by shelling from Russian tanks. This has blocked the way. Ukrainian soldiers were working to repair damaged roads. Ukraine is not yet ready to give up this city.

Russia’s news agency released a video saying Wagner fighters had reached a damaged company. A soldier was heard saying that Ukrainian forces were destroying infrastructure in settlements near Bakhmut to prevent a Russian siege.

The commander of the Ukrainian army, Alexander Syrsky, visited Bakhmut on Friday for a briefing with local commanders. During this, there was also a discussion about how to increase the capacity of the frontline force.

Russia says that we have achieved an important goal. An important step would be to capture the Donbass industrial region. Let us tell you that Bakhmut is known for salt and gypsum mines. However, Ukraine maintains that the city has little strategic importance.

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