Ambulance called 39 times in a year, the person used to dial the emergency number to avoid walking

A Taiwanese man has called an ambulance several times to go from a supermarket to a hospital. His intention is not to provide treatment but to use the ambulance as a ‘free taxi’. He wants the ambulance to pick him up from the supermarket because he ‘doesn’t want to walk home’, which is right next to the hospital. In such a situation, questions can also arise that how far is the supermarket from his house? This distance is only 200 meters. According to a Global Times report, when records were checked last year, it was found that a person with the surname Wang had used an ambulance as a free taxi 39 times in a year. Wang repeatedly pretended to be ill and called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Wang’s drama was exposed when the hospital noticed that he left the hospital on his own without getting a check-up every time an ambulance was called.

Police gave a warningMedical staff informed the police about Wang’s misuse of public services. On this, Wang abused the police. The police have warned him that if he once again misuses social resources for his convenience, he will be fined. An ambulance can be called free of charge to take emergency patients to the nearest hospital in Taiwan.

When the man got up from the stretcher and ranEarlier in July, a video of a man getting up from a stretcher and escaping from an ambulance was shared on social media. People had claimed that the man was extremely drunk but did not want medical help. While it was not clear why the man fled the ambulance, people commented on the video claiming that he was avoiding paying any medical fees.


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