Afghanistan News: Taliban’s new decree, instructs female television anchors to wear hijab

Afghan News: Last Sunday  Afghan government of Taliban issued several guidelines for Afghan media. In which strict instructions have been given to women television anchors to wear hijab. In a meeting with journalists on Sunday, Maulvi Muhammad Khalid Hanafi, the caretaker minister in the Taliban government, issued new eight-point broadcast-related decrees to the Afghan media. According to Afghan media, Maulvi Hanafi instructed the gathered journalists to avoid negative propaganda against the government while cooperating with the Taliban government.

what is the instructions issued by the Taliban to the media 

  • Media will not be allowed to broadcast  any film which is against the principles of Sharia (Islamic law) and Afghan values.
  • Permission to broadcast those foreign and domestic films Those who spread foreign culture and traditions in Afghan society. 
  • The programs of humor and entertainment should not be to insult anyone.
  • Intimate of the male body Prohibition on telecast of videos/films showing portions.
  • Women anchors/journalists in the media will be required to wear hijab.
  • Broadcast of plays insulting religious beliefs or human dignity Ban."text-align: justify;"In its first press conference since assuming power in August, the Taliban had promised to respect women’s rights within the norms of Islamic law. But, they have imposed many restrictions on them.  Apart from this, despite the promise of freedom of the press, many cases of harassing and harassing journalists have come to the fore just a few days back. According to the Taliban, they want the private media to remain independent and criticize their shortcomings. But according to one of his spokespersons, the media should not work against his ‘national values’ and refrain from publishing any such news which creates negative propaganda against him.

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