Afghanistan Crisis: Taliban’s caretaker education minister’s big statement on women’s education, know what he said

Afghanistan Crisis: Taliban has said that it will not oppose women’s education in Afghanistan. He will change the curriculum on the basis of Islamic policies. Acting Education Minister Nurullah Munir said these things in an interview with a local news agency Bakhtar News. According to the report of Khama Press, he will make his curriculum on the basis of Islamic policies. According to Nurla, the Taliban is not opposed to women’s education. After the military transfer in mid-August, the Taliban barred women from attending school. Due to which thousands of girl students had to be forcibly imprisoned in their homes. Due to which the Taliban had to face criticism in the international community. 

The decision to close the Taliban schools had banned girls from classes 7 to 12 going to school. On which the Taliban had clarified that they were working on creating a safe environment for female students in Afghanistan. According to the report of Khama Press, Munir has described the education of women as his Islamic and legal right during the interview. However, according to the information received, Munir did not tell anything in detail about the new Islamic curriculum. Meanwhile, he said, “Islamic scholars are busy working on a mechanism to create a safe environment for girls, which will be in line with Islam and Afghan traditions.”

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