Kanpur Fire: Fierce fire broke out again in Kanpur, more than 1 dozen shops burnt to ashes, conspiracy behind the incident

Sumit Sharma, Kanpur: The cloth market of Kanpur in UP kept on burning for four days. People could not even forget that fire that this morning once again there was an orgy of fire in Kanpur. The fire engulfed more than a dozen readymade shops. The fire took a huge form in no time. Police and fire tenders reached on the information of the fire, somehow managed to control the fire. Textile traders have suffered a loss of lakhs in this fire.

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There are more than 200 readymade shops in 40 shop market located in Babupurwa police station area. This market has caught fire many times before. 60 percent of the shops in this market are made of tatters and tinsheds. But their business is worth lakhs. It is suspected that the fire broke out due to short circuit. But the most important thing is that whenever there is a fire in the forty shop market, it starts in the morning only.

On the other hand, Prem Singh, a local resident, says that there is always a fire in the shops. But the police administration has never investigated the cause of the fire. This fire always happens due to short circuit, or it is set arson. Traders lose lakhs in this type of fire. If this is not taken care of, a major accident can happen any day.

At the same time, vehicles of three fire engines reached on the information of the fire, controlled the fire. Due to the presence of tater shops, the fire took a formidable form in a few moments. Short circuit is said to be the cause of the fire. At the same time, traders are busy assessing the loss.

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