Dulhania Shraddha Arya’s splendid wedding reception, see unseen pictures

Actress Shraddha Arya, who was seen in ‘Kundali Bhagya’, tied the knot with Navy officer Rahul Nagal on 16 November. A lot of wedding photos and videos are dominating the social media. Fans became quite excited to see their ‘Preeta’ in the dress of a bride. Shraddha Arya’s wedding video also created a lot of buzz, in which she was shouting to the future husband Rahul and saying, ‘Rahul come and pick me up.’ Now pictures of Shraddha Arya and Rahul’s wedding reception have surfaced, which are doing the rounds on the internet. Shraddha Arya’s wedding reception was held on November 17, in which apart from the family members, only a few close ones attended. Shraddha wore a sari for the reception, while her groom Rahul wore a suit. The newly wed couple also cut the wedding cake at the reception. Shraddha Arya was seen having a lot of fun at the reception like the wedding. Neha Adhvik Mahajan has shared some pictures with Shraddha on her Instagram story, in which they are seen feeding each other cakes and having fun. Rahul is a family friend of Neha and he hails from Delhi. Here’s a look at unseen pictures from Shraddha Arya and Rahul’s reception:

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