Karate Kalyani: He talks meanly about women.. Karate Kalyani complains to cyber crime police

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Film actress and president of Adibhatla Sri Kalapeeth Karate Kalyani has filed a complaint against Kella Durga Rao, President of Krishna Dharma Rakshasa, to Hyderabad Cyber ​​Crime Police. Karate Kalyani, who went to the cyber crime police station with some supporters on Tuesday, complained that Kella Durga Rao, the president of Krishna Dharma Rakshasa, was making videos degrading women and posting them on social media, and action should be taken against him. Later, Karate Kalyani spoke to the media. Karate Kalyani accused Kella Durga Rao of deceiving people and collecting money in the name of Dharma Rakshasan at the Vijayawada stage. They were angry that they were making derogatory and vile comments on women’s beauty.

‘Women are now coming out for dharma. Do you talk so badly about them? Those who talk so meanly about women should not be ignored. That’s why we filed a complaint with the cyber crime police. Taken very seriously. If women are insulted, they are told to keep quiet and ignore it. ACP immediately registered an FIR. Appropriate action should be taken against him, we request that he should be warned not to speak rudely to women,’ said Karate Kalyani.

Karate Kalyani called everyone to strictly oppose the comments of people like Durga Rao. Every woman is questioning this. Many people are calling me. Many people came from Vizag and Rajahmundry to support me. There are many others. Today I came to cybercrime police station saying I will go because of all of you. Women from all districts are going to do a large scale movement against him. He should definitely be arrested. Take them inside and ask them if they talk like this. But then there is no mind. Karate Kalyani revealed that we should also try hard to enlighten such people.

Karate Kalyani said that she wanted Kella Durga Rao to speak properly on behalf of the women’s world. As the national women president of the Yadava Rights Struggle Samiti and the founder president of Adibhatla Sri Kalapeeth, she said that she has filed a complaint with the police. Karate Kalyani concluded, ‘I wish God to grant him wisdom and good conduct and change his behavior.’

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