Puneeth Raj Kumar: The police who stopped the star hero ..!

It is learned that a memorial service was organized for Kannada power star Puneet Rajkumar on behalf of the Kannada film industry under the name ‘Puneet Namana’. The meeting was held on November 16 at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore. The event was attended by Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraju Bommai as well as many politicians and film personalities. Manchu Manoj from Tollywood was also present on the occasion.

On this occasion, they all paid tribute to Puneet and became emotional remembering their association with him. The event was heavily funded with the arrival of a large number of celebrities and politicians. However, a star hero who tried to enter the house had a bitter experience. It is learned that Darshan, who is emerging as a top hero in the Kannada industry, was stopped by the police from going inside.

He was reportedly stopped by the police near the gate as Darshan was late for the meeting. When the auditorium was full .. Darshan was sent out saying that there were no seats to sit on. There were some character artists along with Darshan at that time. After talking to the police for a long time, some superiors came and allowed Darshan inside. He seems to have been sitting in second class for a while due to the lack of seats to sit inside. After that he got emotional talking about Puneet on stage.

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