Salaar Postponed: Dissatisfaction with CG work.. ‘Salar’ postponed!

Salaar Postponed: Dissatisfaction with CG work.. ‘Salar’ postponed!

This is the news that dampens the hopes of rebel star Prabhas fans. Kannada film sources are giving bad news to the fans who are eagerly waiting to see dinosaur on the silver screen. It is said that ‘Salaar’ is not releasing on the scheduled date. The news that ‘Salar’ has been postponed is currently doing the rounds on social media.

KGIF director Prashanth Neel’s movie ‘Salar’ is getting huge buzz all over the country. The production company Hombale Films has already announced that the first part of the film, Salar: Seafire, will be released on September 28. Prabhas fans are confident that the film will release on the scheduled date in any case. However, now the news that this film has been postponed is going viral, dashing their hopes.

Director Prashant Neel is very unhappy with the computer graphics work. A few shots were returned to the company doing the graphics work. The release date will be finalized depending on their arrival. After all, it will be difficult if it comes on September 28. It is rumored that the release may be in December. Sources in Bengaluru have informed that the official announcement regarding this will also come soon.

However, the news of the postponement of ‘Salar’ is creating a stir on social media. Prabhas’ fans are expressing their displeasure on this news. They do not want to postpone. But, some people say that it is better to come on Diwali. Others advise that no matter the postponement, do not compromise on quality. But, many Prabhas fans are disappointed. They put a lot of hopes on this movie.

After ‘Baahubali 2’, Prabhas did not get that level of hit again. Although ‘Saaho’ was a hit in Hindi, it did not play much in other languages. And ‘Radheshyam’ and ‘Adipurush’ were seriously disappointing. With this, all the hopes of Prabhas fans are on ‘Salar’. It is believed that this movie will definitely be a blockbuster. The reason for this is director Prashant Neel. We have seen the range in which he shot the films ‘KGYF’ and ‘KGYF 2’. Now the promotional content of ‘Salar’ is also on the same level. Prabhas is going to be shown as strong as a dinosaur in this film. So even Prashant Neel does not compromise on quality. Even if Prabhas’ fans are sad now that the movie has been postponed, they will definitely be happy when the movie comes tomorrow.

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