PUBG and BGMI company launches new game Garuda Saga, completely based on Indian theme

PUBG and BGMI company launches new game Garuda Saga, completely based on Indian theme

Krafton India: In the last few years, the craze of battle royale game has increased and spread very rapidly in India. Krafton had launched a game named PUBG, which made India a lot of fans. Had gained popularity. However, that game was banned in India, after which the company developed a special battle royale game for India, whose name is BGMI i.e. Battleground Mobile India. This game also gained popularity among the youth within a short time.

Garuda Saga comes in the list of battle royale games

At present, there are many other battle royale games available in India like BGMI, like Free Fire Max, Call of Duty, Genish Impact, New State Mobile. Now another new game has been added among these, whose name is Garuda Saga. This game has been developed by Crafton India in collaboration with Alchemist Games.  This game is completely based on Indian theme. By looking at the pictures of this game, you must have understood that unlike the normal battle royale games, bullets, guns, gunpowder or bombs will not be used in it, but bow and arrow will be used. The company says that it has been specially designed for Indian gamers, so its gameplay is quite different from other games. 

The goal will be to defeat the demon with a bow and arrow

This game is now available to download and play on Android and iOS. Garuda Saga offers players a personalized role-playing game experience, tailored to their specific play style. The company has informed in the press release that, "Taking inspiration from rich Indian themes, players play the role of Garuda. With reliable arrow strikes and unmatched speed, Garuda advances level after level, ultimately defeating the monster and gaining new skills with each victory. 

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