Campus Placement: Small town girl got a big package of Rs 83 lakh, made a splash in Google Hackathon.

Campus Placement: Small town girl got a big package of Rs 83 lakh, made a splash in Google Hackathon.

Big Package: Every year, students from IITs, big IIMs and NITs of Delhi-Mumbai come into limelight by getting big packages in campus placements. But, the girl whose story we are going to tell you today, despite being from a small town in Haryana, has got a huge package of Rs 83 lakh in campus placement on the basis of her coding skills. 

Ishita Jha loves coding 

Ishita Jha is a third year B.Tech student at IIIT Bhagalpur. On the basis of his coding skills, he has received this strong offer by participating in Google's Hackathon. This success of Ishika Jha will act as a source of inspiration for other students. He loves coding. She started playing with computer since childhood. This was his world. She started learning coding at a very young age. His dedication and love for coding led him to success. Ishika Jha's success is a matter of pride for IIIT Bhagalpur also. 

AI project liked by judges 

Ishika Jha performed amazingly in Google Hackathon. In the last round of the hackathon, Idiathon, he created a project using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict forest fires. All the judges liked this project very much and Ishika Jha was given a big offer. She got good marks and joined the top 2.5 percent. She is still working on coding and web development skills.

An approach to finding solutions to problems through technology

The judges of Google Hackathon liked Ishika Jha's coding skills and her approach of finding solutions to problems through technology. She wants to use technology for problem solving. Despite being from a small town, he has achieved this big achievement. Ishika's story is an inspiration for every child who wants to achieve success by following their passion. 

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