AI models will now help you buy goods on the shopping website, know how the experience will be?

AI Will Replace Models: When you buy any item related to clothing for yourself from an online shopping website, you must have seen that there is a picture of the models on the page so that you can identify the fitting and look of the clothes. Could do Till now, famous brands used to promote clothes through models or listing on the website. But now artificial intelligence can also take the job of models. Actually, we are saying this because Levi Strauss, a famous clothing brand, has partnered with a company called which creates digital custom AI models. The clothing brand has said that it will currently be testing these AI models on a small scale, if it is successful then it will be adopted in more detail.  

You can choose AI model according to your body

At present, if a customer does shopping on the Levi’s app, they see the picture of only one model and accordingly they are able to order or judge the dress. But after partnering with, customers will get many options in this and they will be able to select the best outfit for themselves according to different body type, color, skin, age etc. That is, will create a variety of models and customers will be able to choose the best outfit according to their body type. 

AI does not mean human replacement – ​​Levi

This company is also selling goods in a new way

Levi’s is not the only company that has adopted new technology. Earlier, Walmart has adopted Augmented Reality technology so that customers can choose clothes according to their body type. For this, customers just have to take a picture of themselves and immediately after that the dress will appear on the screen according to their body. With this, customers will be able to decide whether they should buy the dress or not. 

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