Microsoft will provide AI training to 20 lakh Indians, Satya Nadella, who came to India, said this

Microsoft will provide AI training to 20 lakh Indians, Satya Nadella, who came to India, said this

AI Training: Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is being discussed a lot all over the world. Samsung has also included AI features in smartphones. Apart from this, AI technology is being used in many good and bad works. The use of AI technology has started in India. Microsoft is advancing AI technology very fast and the CEO of this company, Satya Nadella is on a visit to India. 

Microsoft will provide training to 20 lakh Indians

Satya Nadella has made a big announcement during his visit to India. He has said that Microsoft will provide AI training to 2 million or more than 20 lakh people of India. He said that this step is a commitment of Microsoft to empower the future workforce in India. This will increase employment in the country. 

AI will need humans: Finance Minister

Let us tell you that after presenting the country's budget on February 1, India's Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said during an interview with Hindustan Times that AI technology will increase unemployment, but humans are also needed to use AI. Will happen. After this comment of the Finance Minister, this announcement of Satya Nadella clearly shows that in the coming times, it will be very important for people in India to get employment in AI, or rather, to learn AI skills. style="text-align: justify;">What did Satya Nadella say

Nadella said, "I am very excited to announce a new initiative for new skill development. We are going to teach AI skills to more than 20 lakh people in India. Ultimately, it is important to ensure that the working people are competent and have the necessary skills to move forward in the new era. This is the most important thing any of us can do. It is not just a matter of skill, but it will also create new jobs.

Satya Nadella happy with Kaarya

He further said that he was very inspired by interacting with the team of Indian brand Kaarya. Kaarya, a local company in India, has used Microsoft Research to provide sources of income in rural India. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, after seeing Kaarya's work, claimed that, they can provide good paying jobs in rural India by using the opportunities created by AI.

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