Google’s celebrating 22nd birthday with doodle

Google's celebrating 22nd birthday with doodle

It’s Google’s Celebrating 22nd birthday today! Google officially debuted on September 8, 1998, but the corporate has been celebrating its birthday on September 27. To mark the occasion, there’s a special Google Doodle for the search engine’s 22nd birthday.

The Google Doodle for Google’s 22nd birthday features the brand ‘G’ sitting ahead of a laptop doing a video call. The birthday celebration video call is with the remainder of the letters – OOGLE. There’s also a bit of cake and presents within the Google Doodle. The representation of the Doodle is sort of appropriate for the present situation where most of the people have celebrated and still are through video calls.

Google’s celebrating 22nd birthday

If you tap on the Doodle from the Google homepage, it’ll hospitable an enquiry results page for well, Google. you’ll also share the Google Doodle on Facebook, Twitter and via email. There’s also a replica button for the link so it’s easier to share it anywhere. like every Doodle, this one too features a page with a brief description about the celebration.

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