Google For India: Search results no longer need to be read, Google will show up, great feature will come

Google For India: The annual Google For India event kicks off today. Google India has made many important announcements for India in this event. Google will soon be introducing a feature in which the information you search for can be heard aloud. The feature was announced by Pandu Nayak, Vice President, Google Search at the 7th Google For India Event. & Nbsp; At this event, Google has announced a number of features and important updates. & nbsp;

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Google’s Global First feature is designed for people who want to understand everything they hear. This feature allows you to request Google Assistant to read the search results. This feature will also be important when driving. If you need any information while driving, you can hear it without looking at the screen. We will be able to hear this search result in five languages. & nbsp;

Very useful for blind people

This feature of Google is going to be very important for people who are blind. People who can’t see or read will be able to hear the information through this app. & nbsp;

These features are also announced & nbsp;

Youtube Shorts also launched

In this event, the company has also launched Youtube Shorts app. Until now, this feature used to appear on YouTube. But now users will be able to use it in a different way. This is going to be a TickTock-like app. Here users can shoot and share short videos. The maximum length of video here will be 60 seconds. & nbsp;

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