Do your children play these games on their phones? China's BabyBus company will take away all your data

Do your children play these games on their phones?  China's BabyBus company will take away all your data

Chinese BabyBus Games Alert: You all must remember well that the Indian government had banned TikTok. This was an app of China's ByteDance company which was misusing the data of Indians. The government had closed this app for our safety. However, despite this, there are many Chinese apps which are available on Google Play Store and people are downloading them extensively. If you have small children at home and they have a habit of playing games, then it is possible that they too are using some app from China.

Actually, China's BabyBus company offers more than 200 games and the games of this company are very popular in India. According to the report of Sensor Tower, the share of BabyBus company was about 60% of the total downloaded games in Asia in the third quarter of 2023. That means a large number of people are using Chinese apps.

This is the problem with these apps 

If you are wondering what is the problem with these apps, then in fact, research by privacy research firm Incogni revealed that out of the top 11 data hung apps in the world, 3 are apps that collect data from children. And these three apps belong to China's BabyBus company. This includes Baby Panda World: Kids Games (over 10 million downloads), BabyBus Kids: Video&Game World (10 million downloads) and Baby Panda’s Kids Play (10 million downloads). p style="text-align: justify;">When ET reviewed these apps, we found that these apps were collecting many sensitive information including device information, ID, app information and performance, what is being done with the app, financial information, purchase history. That means all your data is going to the Chinese servers. It has been said in the report that these apps also collect your email ID and user ID. Some of these apps are such that they do not even give the user the option to delete their data.

Apps need to be checked

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