Malware Alert: Alarm bell for Android users, PhoneSpy malware found in 23 apps, take these precautions

Malware Alert: If you are an Android phone user then you need to be careful. Your personal data and banking details can be stolen due to slight negligence. Actually, hackers have been breaking into Android phones for the last few days with the help of PhoneSpy Malware. This dangerous malware has been found in 23 apps. Although it is a matter of relief that there is no such app on Google Play Store, but hackers can reach this malware to your phone by clicking on the link or any other website.

This is how things work

Along with creating photos and videos, can also record audio

This app can make video as well as take photos from the camera by hiding in the phone. Not only this, it also does audio recording. All these are later used for personal or corporate blackmailing. The biggest thing is that you do not even realize that someone is spying on you.

Take these precautions to avoid malware

  • First of all stay updated with this kind of news or keep checking in between which apps have been banned by Google from play store.
  • Once you know about these apps If you find out, then check that these apps are not downloaded in your phone either knowingly or unknowingly.
  • If you have any such app on your phone, then uninstall it immediately.
  • < li>Now after uninstalling the app, download and keep a good anti virus app in the phone.

  • Run that anti virus app once so that you can know if there is any malware or virus in your phone .
  • If virus or malware is found, it is better to reset the phone.

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