Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic: Which is best for you?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic: Which is best for you?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs Watch 6 Classic: If you are thinking of buying Samsung’s flagship smartwatch and you are not able to understand whether Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or Samsung Galaxy Watch is better for you. 6 Classic So in this article we are going to tell you in very simple words what will be best for you. Know further what is better for you in terms of design, specs and battery including others.


Starting with the design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 shares some similarities with its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 5. Although its size is smaller than the previous smartwatch but the display is bigger. You can choose the new smartwatch in 2 sizes, one of which is 40 mm and the other is 44 mm. In the 40 mm model you will get the option of graphite and silver color, whereas for the 44 mm model you will get the option of graphite and gold color. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has a simple and sporty look with a light armor aluminum case and sport band. The smartwatch is protected by sapphire crystal glass and has an IP68 dust and water-resistance rating, making it suitable for swimming. 

On the other hand, in Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic you get a normal traditional design. The most notable feature of this watch is the return of the rotating bezel, which is 15% thinner than the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. These bezels are not only functional but also add to the beauty of the watch. The Classic model has a stainless steel case and comes with a hybrid eco-leather band, which combines rubber for the comfort of your skin and leather for a stylish exterior. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is available in two sizes: 43 mm and 47 mm, both sizes are available in black or silver colors. Like the Galaxy Watch 6, it has sapphire crystal glass and the same IP68 and 5ATM water resistance. 


Both the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic get a Super AMOLED panel with a full-color always-on display. Display size varies slightly depending on case size. For the smaller watches (40 mm regular and 43 mm classic), the display is 1.3 inches (33.3 mm) with a resolution of 432 x 432 pixels. The larger models (44 mm regular and 47 mm classic) have a 1.5-inch (37.3 mm) display with a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels. Sapphire crystal glass covers all models, protecting the smartwatch.

Software and Processor

 Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 are equipped with Exynos W930 dual-core 1.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. These run on WearOS 4 with Samsung’s One UI 5 watch interface on top. The Exynos W930 chip brings significant improvements in app launch times, with apps opening approximately 18% faster than the previous generation. One UI 5 Watch enhances personal safety and wellness features.

 These include automatic fall detection, SOS calling and accessible emergency information for first responders. Additional features like sleep coaching, insights and better running metrics for personalized training programs are also part of the package. While both watches perform well, there have been some minor glitches and occasional touch input glitches during initial setup.

Fitness and Health Tracking 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 feature Samsung’s 3-in-1 bioactive sensor, housing heart rate, electrical heart signal and bioelectrical impedance analysis sensors. They offer comprehensive fitness and health tracking, including step tracking, sleep tracking with sleep score, over 90 workouts (some tracked automatically), and body fat, body water levels, and more. Standard health monitoring includes 24/7 heart rate tracking, SpO2 monitoring, ECG, and a skin temperature sensor

The smartwatch has enhanced heart-tracking capabilities to detect irregular heart rate rhythms.  Sleep tracking provides detailed data, including blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and snoring, although individual heart rate data and heart rate variability (HRV) readings are not included. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a 3D Hall sensor to detect the position of the rotating bezel, but it doesn’t contribute to health or fitness tracking. 

Battery and Charging 

The Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic come with slightly larger batteries than their predecessors. The smaller 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 and 43mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic have 300mAh batteries, up from 284mAh. The larger 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 and 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic have larger batteries, up from 410mAh to 425mAh. 

Samsung claims that the always-on display provides approximately 40 hours of battery life when it is off or 30 hours when it is on. Real-world testing has shown that battery life is significantly improved compared to the previous generation. Smartwatch users have reported around 60-70% battery remaining at the end of the day with the Always-On display enabled along with notifications and various activities. 

Charging is done via a WPC-based wireless charger. In both you get support of fast charging. The Galaxy Watch 6 charges about 30% after 15 minutes, while the Classic model charges about 25% in 20 minutes. Both take more than an hour to be fully charged.


Both the watches are available for purchase across multiple online and offline stores  Here are the price details of both the watches in different variants.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Price– Rs 29,999 

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Price– Rs 36,999 

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Which is the best?

Which is best for you between Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic depends on your choice and style preferences. If you like simple and sporty look with small case size, then the regular Galaxy Watch 6 is suitable for you. This is also a more budget-friendly option. If you value traditional watch aesthetics, the functionality of a rotating bezel, and a more professional look, then the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is a good choice for you. Its stainless steel case and hybrid eco-leather band add to its beauty.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offer excellent health and fitness tracking, faster performance, and better battery life than their predecessors. Your decision should be based on your personal style and budget. 

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