Vadodara gangrape case: Police find missing page of victim’s diary, will there be a new revelation?


  • Police found the diary of an 18-year-old girl but one page was missing.
  • Police have found a photograph of the missing page of the victim’s diary.
  • Currently, the police have questioned 54 rickshaw pullers.

Surat: The case of alleged gangrape on an 18-year-old girl has been a topic of discussion for the last few days. New revelations are being made in the case every day. Recently, the police found the missing page of the victim’s diary and the investigation has been speeded up. The girl was gang-raped on November 2 in Vadodara. His body was found on November 4 in Gujarat Queen Express in Valsad.

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Police have found a photo of the missing page of the diary from the mobile phone of a female employee working at the institute in Vadodara. The deceased was also an intern at the same institute. In addition to the female employee, some of her co-workers, the victim’s roommate and her brother’s mobiles have also been sent by the police for forensic investigation.

Earlier, police found the victim’s diary in which he mentioned that he had been raped. The victim wrote in her diary that a rickshaw puller and his accomplice raped her at the Vaccine Institute ground in Vadodara. However, some pages of his diary were mysteriously missing.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the institute’s mentor had sent several pages of photographs of the victim’s diary to his senior. According to sources, during the interrogation, the mentor told the police that many members of the staff had gone for a trip to Jammu and Kashmir when the incident took place. When the mentor informed his senior about this, he sent him diary pages and pictures of the victim’s injuries.

The mentor sent these pictures to a female employee and he forwarded them to the seniors. The photographs were later deleted at the suggestion of seniors, the mentor said. Police immediately called another female employee and found a photograph of a torn diary page from her mobile, sources said. The mobile of this employee has been seized by the police.

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Police also found that the institute allowed only one mobile phone between a group of four girls. Police have also seized a mobile phone between the victim and her roommates. The investigation revealed that the victim did not have her own mobile phone. The victim took her brother’s mobile phone when she left the house asking to go to Maroli.

Meanwhile, police are interrogating 54 rickshaw pullers. All these were traced in the same area on the day the mobile incident took place. Apart from this, the police is interrogating milk, vegetable and other hawkers in the area where the victim lived in Vadodara.


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