Head Bath: Do you bathe your head daily? How many times a week should you take a head bath?

During the month of Karti many people are in a state of spiritual contemplation. Bathe your head in the morning and light a lamp in front of the house. They go to temples and worship. There will also be some fasts. With this, he will continue to bathe his head for the whole month. However, it does not matter if it is limited to one month days only. Some take a shower from head to toe every day. There are also head showers about three to four times a week. How many times a week is a head bath good for health?

Daily bathing is very important for us to stay healthy. Also .. Head bath should be done to get rid of dirt and sweat that accumulates on the head. So it is better to take a shower every day. But, depending on the condition of your hair .. you should choose this. Experts suggest that it is better to take a shower twice a day or once a week instead of once a week. Know the nature of your hair and choose the best number of baths once a week. Depending on where you live and the nature of your hair, how often you should bathe your head. & Nbsp;

Wipe dry with a towel immediately after drying in the rain. If your head gets wet in the rain, be sure to shampoo and bathe. Use conditioner.
దూరంగా Avoid hair dryers as much as possible to dry hair. Use only if urgent. The best method is to wipe the hair with a towel and air dry. Do not use the comb when the hair is wet. & nbsp;
ట్లయితే If you live in a very cold place it is better to take a head bath. Wearing caps on the head causes perspiration and dandruff on the skin of the scalp. The head is itchy. To get rid of it, it is better to bathe your head and apply oil. & Nbsp; Consult a specialist and apply a good shampoo every day. & Nbsp;
ట్లయితే Do not over-wash your head if you have dry hair. They should also use conditioner along with shampoo. Oil the scalp regularly. & Nbsp;
జుట్టు Some hair is oily (greasy). This problem is caused by the release of oils from the scalp. For such people it is not so good to bathe the head daily. Bathe your head at least 3 to 4 times a week. & Nbsp;
ట్లయితే If you have deep hair .. it is a good idea to bathe your head daily. Since their skulls are strong .. not a big problem. Apply oil to the scalp regularly.
కపోతే If your hair does not know any typo .. Leave the day and choose a day bath. Be sure to use conditioner. Be sure to consult a doctor if you have hair problems. Use only the shampoo and oils they recommend.
ట్లయితే If you have wavy hair, you do not need to bathe your head too much. Bathe the head three times a day or week after leaving the day. & Nbsp;
☀ Bald people should also take a head bath. Otherwise dirt will accumulate on the head and dandruff will form. The scalp should be bathed at least daily. & Nbsp;

Daily shampooing removes healthy oils from the scalp. However, if the oil on the head increases .. Fungus that causes seborrhea on the skin & zwnj; Occurs. It causes itching. Becomes scaly. Experts say that even if your hair is very greasy .. if you exercise regularly .. it is better to bathe your head daily. However, only a medical professional can tell you which shampoo is best for your hair.

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