Rajasthan Politics: In the defamation case against CM Gehlot, Union Minister Shekhawat recorded his statement, know what he said?

Rajasthan Vidhan Election 2023: Before the assembly elections in Rajasthan, the war between veterans of Jodhpur is getting more intense. Strong remarks with allegations and counter-allegations are making media headlines. Meanwhile, the matter has reached the court. Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Monday recorded his statement in a defamation case against Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court. 

That’s why Shekhawat is furious

Union Minister Shekhawat said in a conversation with the media outside the court that I have not been considered guilty in either of the original charge sheet or the two supplementary charge sheets presented by the SOG. Despite this, the Chief Minister while speaking publicly in front of the media termed me as an accused. He said that the Chief Minister not only called me but also my family members as accused. Crossing all limits, on February 21, the Chief Minister has given a statement that the crime has been proved against me, my wife, my father and my late mother. I have placed all these matters before the court while recording my statement.

The issue of cooperative society was also raised

Issue of Adarsh ​​Credit Cooperative also raised

Shekhawat said that I want to ask a question through the media, which is being investigated by Rajasthan’s SOG on embezzlement of the biggest Adarsh ​​Credit Cooperative Society. It has more than 20 lakh investors. The Chief Minister never meets his investors, nor do his investors reach the Chief Minister, why is it so?

Allegations of making baseless statements

The Union Minister said that Sai Kripa Credit Cooperative Society, which was run by the office bearers of the Chief Minister’s own party, cases have also been registered against them. In the cases, the police have also certified the crime, but its investigation has been dumped by bringing it to the SOG. No further action is being taken on that. They do not meet all such credit cooperative society investors. He was directly associated with Sanjivani Credit Cooperative Society, in association with the investors of only one Credit Cooperative Society, along with his agents, who primarily collected money from the ground and deposited it in the Cooperative Society. Not only were they connected, but they were also accomplices in the crime. Sitting with them and together give such statements, which have no basis.

Demand to be handed over to CBI

Shekhawat said that I want to ask one thing that the Government of India had made a law to return the money of the investors. According to this, all such co-operative societies or unregulated deposits, wherever they are, can be given their money to the investors quickly through the law of the year 2019.

Why is the Rajasthan government not trying to take action according to that law? According to that law, the Rajasthan government should immediately hand over the investigation of the cases of Multistate Credit Cooperative Society to the CBI, so that the competent court can pay people’s money by selling them after attaching their properties. He said that despite promulgating The Banning of Unregulated Deposit Scheme Act 2019 in Rajasthan, why are they trying to use it as a political weapon instead of getting people money by taking forward the investigation under it? 

Allegations of non-compliance with the law

Union Minister Shekhawat said that there are lakhs of investors in Rajasthan and outside Rajasthan who have lost their money in all these credit cooperative societies. Why is the government of Rajasthan behaving and behaving against the law which is applicable in the country today to pay back their money? Why is he trying to harm innocent poor investors for his political gains by shedding crocodile tears? He should answer this.

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