HDFC Alert: Account has been suspended! Be careful on receiving this type of message, HDFC Bank alerts customers

HDFC Bank Alert: Along with the changing times, there have been major changes in the Banking System in the country. Nowadays people are getting their work done easily through Net Banking & Mobile Banking sitting at home. But with the increasing use of digital banking, the cases of fraud related to it (Cyber ​​Fraud) are also increasing rapidly. In such a situation, many banks keep issuing alerts to their customers from time to time. Recently, the country’s largest private sector bank HDFC Bank has issued a fraud alert for its customers.

For the past few times, many types of messages are being sent to the customers of HDFC Bank in the name of PAN Card update, KYC etc. Now giving its response on these messages, the bank has said that all these are fake messages. Customers need not pay attention to such messages.

Customers are being made victims of fraud through messages

The bank has told the customers that in the message in the name of HDFC Bank, customers are being told that if they do not update the PAN card information in their bank account as soon as possible. So his bank account will be  suspended. Along with this, customers are also being asked to update KYC. Along with this, a link is also being sent to the customers, by clicking on which they have been asked to update all the information. If you are also getting such a message, then be alert immediately. HDFC Bank has told that if someone clicks on this link then his phone will be hacked and his bank account will be empty.

Now you know how to verify the authenticity of a bank SMS.
If you have any queries, contact our official 24/7 customer care lines at 1800 202 6161 or 1860 267 6161.
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— HDFC Bank (@HDFC_Bank) March 2, 2023

How to protect yourself from cyber fraud?

HDFC Bank has given some tips to the customers to stay safe from this type of cybercrime. The first thing in this is that if you get any such message, then first check that what is the domain link of the link sent on such message. If you do not find its source correct, then you should avoid clicking on such a link. If you have clicked here, do not share your personal details even by mistake.

Avoid cyber crime through these tips-

1. Apart from this, check the URL of the link sent to you thoroughly.
2. Enter your net banking user id and password only on the official page.
3. Also on the page where you are entering your net banking details https: // should be In this s means safe. If it doesn’t start with https:// then be cautious before entering information.
4. Before disclosing your personal information on call or message, check that This call and message is being done on your request. Before calling the toll free number, cross check the number on the official website.
5. Always update the anti-virus software on your computer.
6. Always keep checking your credit, debit card and bank account statements.
7. Keep in mind that the bank will update you PAN Aadhaar information through email or message. Does not recommend.
8. If you suspect any call or message, cross-verify it immediately by calling the bank. 

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