Bemetara Violence: Politics intensifies on Bemetara violence, BJP told the state ‘Mini Pakistan’, Congress gave this answer

Bemetara Violence Politics: Chhattisgarh has been burning in the fire of violence for the last 3 days. There is a tense atmosphere in Biranpur village of Bemetara. Due to this, the politics of Chhattisgarh has also heated up. The BJP has made many serious allegations against the Congress government on this incident. Apart from this, BJP has told Chhattisgarh as mini Pakistan. Controversy has erupted over this. Congress has strongly objected to being told as Mini Pakistan. 

Actually, a video was posted on the Twitter account of Chhattisgarh BJP on Monday. It has a video of Bhuneshwar Sahu’s funeral on one side. On the other hand, in the inset of the video, a picture of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel attending the Iftar party has been placed. Apart from this, BJP media cell has written in the caption "See the irony, when the funeral pyre of Bhuneshwar Sahu, a Hindu youth brutally killed by Jihadis, was burning, the whole of Chhattisgarh was inconsolable. At the same time the Chief Minister was having Iftari."

Congress angry over the post of Mini Pakistan
Apart from this, Chhattisgarh BJP state president Arun Sao is constantly attacking the Congress government. After the Biranpur massacre, he is comparing Chhattisgarh with the Taliban. Apart from this, he is accusing the Congress government of patronizing jihadi and fanatical violence. The Congress has raised a big objection on this. Congress said "BJP has insulted Maa Bharti and Chhattisgarhi Mahatari by calling Chhattisgarh as mini Pakistan. BJP should apologize for this."

BJP bid- a planned attack on Hindutva under the patronage of the CM
BJP state president Arun Sao said "The Chief Minister is giving protection to this kind of Jihadi frenzied violence. There is no regret if an innocent Hindu is killed and if a fanatic’s nail is also cut off, the government’s heart starts breaking. What kind of Rajdharma is this? Hindutva is being attacked in a planned manner in Chhattisgarh under the patronage of the Chief Minister. This cannot be tolerated at all." He said that Congress has come out openly in support of Jihadi fanatics. The entire state, the entire Hindu society is in anger against this Jihadi frenzy.

Congress bid- BJP insulted Chhattisgarh Mahtari 
On BJP’s statement, Congress spokesperson Dhananjay Singh Thakur hit back and said that BJP is going through a phase of political desperation in Chhattisgarh. . She has become issueless and is constantly insulting Chhattisgarh. BJP has insulted Maa Bharti and Chhattisgarh Mahtari by calling Chhattisgarh as mini Pakistan in its official Twitter. Chhattisgarh is the maternal grandfather of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram ji. Mata is Kaushalya’s maternal home. BJP is insulting this holy land by calling it Pakistan. BJP is declaring 3.5 crore people living in the state as Pakistanis. 

The clash took place on Saturday
It may be noted that on last Saturday i.e. 8 April, there was a fierce clash between two communities in Biranpur village of Bemetara district. In this, 22-year-old Bhuneshwar Sahu died. Since then the atmosphere in the entire village is tense. A large number of police forces have been deployed in the village. Police has also arrested 11 accused in this case. But BJP is demanding arrest of 38 people. Apart from this, the family members of Bhuneshwar Sahu are demanding capital punishment for the accused.

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