LJP-AAP Party Income: Claim in the report of ADR – There is a mistake in the amount of LJP and AAP donations

ADR (ADR), more than 55 percent of the donations received by regional parties in 2019-20 came from unknown sources. According to the organization, 95 percent of the donations received from this unknown source are Electoral Bonds (Electoral Bond). ADR says Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), LJP (LJP) and the donations shown by the Indian Union Muslim League and their audit reports show a difference.

ADR analyzed the income of which parties

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Trinamool spent on BJP in Bengal elections

These parties have raised Rs 172.8 crore from membership fee, bank interest and publication income. This is 21.5 percent of their total. According to the ADR, in 2018-19, 23 regional parties had told in their audit report that they had earned an income of Rs 885.9 crore. Of this, Rs 481.2 crore came from unknown sources. 

This organization has given another information. According to this, BJP spent Rs 252 crore in the elections of Assam, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Karel. Out of this, he spent Rs 151.1 crore in West Bengal alone. At the same time, after this election, the Trinamool Congress, which saved its government in Bengal, spent Rs 154.2 crore. 


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