Axar Patel Meha Marriage: Akshar who got married after Rahul – the all-rounder who married his girlfriend!

Axar Patel Meha Marriage: 

Team‌India Cricketer‌ Akshar‌ Patel‌ He became a householder. He married his girlfriend Meha. Their marriage was held on Thursday night with grandeur. Their wedding ceremony was held in Vadodara among the closest friends and relatives.

Wedding pics of Axar Patel & Meha Patel.

— Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) January 27, 2023

Akshar‌ Videos related to Patel and Meha have gone viral. Thursday night Akshar‌ Patel‌ Videos of a procession among close friends arriving at the Kalyana venue have gone viral on social‌ Appeared in the media. This team‌India cricketer‌ He shared on social media.

Congratulations Axar Patel & Meha Patel.

— Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) January 27, 2023

Last year on January 20 Akshar‌ Patel‌, Meha got engaged. Since then they have been dating‌ are doing Social‌ They also shared their pictures in the media. On Thursday the new couple ‘Man‌ A video of Mary John dancing to the song has gone viral. It’s done.

Akshar‌ Patel‌ New Zealand‌ He was away from the series. It is known that he has been playing a key role for Team India for a year. He made his debut in 2014 and has been busy recently. Represented in three formats. Akshar‌ Showed aggression. He scored 65 in 31 balls in one match. Fastest half in T20‌ Hit a century. So far he has played 8 Tests, 49 ODIs and 40 T20s. He took 79, 56 and 37 wickets respectively.

MR. & MRs. Axar Patel.#AxarPatel #weddingnight

— Meha Patel (@Meha2026) January 26, 2023

Team‌India cricketers are getting married in a row. Three days before KL‌ Rahul & Athiya Shetty got married. Bollywood‌, Cricket‌ Married in grandeur among the stars and relatives. It is reported that they received gifts worth at least Rs.65 crore.

Happy married life Axar Patel 💞👩‍❤️‍👨#AxarPatel #MehaPatel #WeddingNight #WeddingDay

— Meha Patel (@Meha2026) January 26, 2023

#AxarPatel #AxarPatelWedding #MehaPatel

— Meha Patel (@Meha2026) January 26, 2023

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