Dispute with husband, the urge to become a baba, a beard grew on his face and the border became ‘Chhotu Maharaj’

Every day new information is coming out about Chotu Maharaj in Indore. Many people of Indore are trapped in his trap. After the arrest of Chhotu Maharaj, there are constant complaints in the police stations. At the same time, the police has arrested another tantrik, who used to get the notes rained. Then showing the fear of ghosts used to loot their money. Every day new information is getting in the hands of the police. The most important thing in this is that Chhotu Maharaj is a woman. She has become a tantric by growing a beard.

Chhotu Maharaj has become the limit

The police have revealed that the real name of Chhotu Maharaj is Seema. She cheats people by disguising themselves as a man. He has cheated many people by capturing an ashram in Indore. Also land has been occupied. A showroom operator was cheated in association with fake IPS. At the same time, he was shown the fear of death. That woman named Priyanka has complained to the police.

Married Seema

Indore Police said that Seema alias Chhotu Maharaj is married. After marriage, he also had children. After this there was a dispute with the husband. After a dispute with her husband, she came out of the house to Kiran Maharaj. Kiran Maharaj is 15 to 20 years older than Seema. During this, CM opened a beauty parlor, named Simran. At the same time, Kiran Maharaj also changed his name and kept the secret. During this time Seema also changed her name to Simran. After living together for eight years, there was a dispute between the two and the paths also parted.

The tune of becoming a baba, grew a beard

After being separated from the other, the tune of becoming a Baba rode on the border. She started growing a beard to become Baba. Seema became Chhotu Maharaj after growing a beard. During this, through social media, a Baba was associated and initiated. After this, she started cheating in association with fake IPS. After the arrest, there have been many complaints against Baba in Indore.

started cheating with fake IPS

Seema had become Baba. She used to claim to remove every obstacle with tantra mantra. During this time women started coming to his ashram. Ravi used to introduce Solanki to the women coming to the ashram. Seema used to call Ravi Solanki an IPS officer. Seema used to cheat through an IPS officer. A few days ago, the fake IPS had cheated eight lakh rupees in the name of marrying a girl from Indore. Also got engaged to him.

used to claim to rain notes

At the same time, Chhotu Maharaj also claimed to get the notes rained. For this, there was a tantrik named Vishnu along with Chhotu Maharaj. He used to get the notes rained at night. Police has also arrested Vishnu. Now everyone has been questioned. More facts will come to light in his investigation.


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