Weight Loss In Winter: Do you gain weight in winter? This diet should be followed to lose weight in this season

Weight Loss In Winter: Do you gain weight in winter?  This diet should be followed to lose weight in this season

Weight Loss In Winter : Many people want to lose weight.. and be slim. There is no need to hold back from doing hard exercises for this. But in winter it is not easy to lose weight. Because the metabolism is slow in this season. It takes a long time to melt the accumulated fat in the body. So don't worry about weight loss. Experts say that it is better to eat food that improves the functioning of metabolism.  It is said that there is no better medicine for this than spices in our kitchen. Let's have a look at the ingredients that help in weight loss by improving the metabolism in the body this winter. If you follow this diet for a week during winter, you will surely lose weight.

1. Start the day with detox drinks:

Your diet chart must include detox drinks. Because they help a lot in weight loss. Along with water, healthy herbal drinks should be consumed daily. They play a key role in flushing out the accumulated fat and toxins in the body. So that digestion is done properly. Detox drinks can be made using things like lemon juice, mint, apple, grape, kiradasa, orange. Moreover, some spices can be added to the detox drinks. 

2. Breakfast:

Those who want to lose weight should include healthy food in breakfast. Because digestion is slow in winter. Health experts say to avoid foods rich in carbohydrates, processed food and fats. Because they have a high glycemic index and are said to be bad for health. 

3. Drinking more water:

People who want to lose weight and want to have a light body, drinking water is an important thing to remember before meals. Health experts say that it is better to drink water when you feel hungry. Water reduces hunger. During winter many people reduce their drinking water because the weather is cold. As a result, it leads to dehydration. So it is very important to provide enough water to the body, not only during this time but at any time. 

4. Eat these instead of desserts:

Many people crave sweets during winter. But eating too much of these can lead to weight gain. But experts say that there is no problem if you eat a little and not a large amount. It is suggested to eat halwa and laddus in winter. It is said that they can be taken as snacks in the evening instead of desserts. It is said that sesame laddus, halwa, dry fruits laddus, gulab jamun, chicky etc. can be taken. 

5. Consume less alcohol:

We know that alcohol is harmful to health. But so far many studies have stated that it is good to take it in moderation. Many people consume a lot of alcohol during winter. Alcohol consumption disrupts sleep and adds extra calories to the body. A diet tip to lose weight in winter is.. Don't go to parties on an empty stomach. Have a healthy breakfast before going to the party. Alcohol consumption should also be limited. 

6. Eat Winter Superfoods:

We all know how important it is to include seasonal produce in our diet. Fruits and vegetables that grow in a season provide every nutrient required to keep our body healthy. But we ignore them. During winters, it is important to consume enough ghee, jaggery, dry fruits, nuts etc. to further the weight loss process and keep you warm  strong.

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Note: The information collected from many studies, researches and health journals has been provided here as usual for your understanding. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have any doubts regarding health, you should definitely consult a doctor. For the items mentioned in this article, “ABP Country'', ‘ABP Network’ Note that no liability is assumed.

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