Investment Tips for Women: Gold, real estate or share market, know where women should start investing

Investment Tips for Women: Gold, real estate or share market, know where women should start investing

(Satish Prabhu)

Investment Tips for Women: One of my relatives called me after demonetization in 2016 and said, 'I have collected some money by doing small savings. Now I don't understand where to invest this money. Similarly, another relative told that her husband is admitted in the hospital. But, they do not know how to deposit money in the bank or how to use their mediclaim policy. In another case, the husband developed dementia and the responsibility of running the business fell on his wife. This woman is the mother of two children. He has no knowledge of business or finance. All these three examples make us realize that it is very important for women to have financial knowledge.

Women can become better investors 

No question can be raised on the management of women. He has proven himself on every front by shouldering the responsibilities of family, society, country and big companies. However, one thing is very disappointing that in most of the houses they are kept away from the management of money or investments. Men want to take all the decisions regarding money. They consider themselves better investors than women. To become a successful investor, qualities like discipline, patience, concentration and hard work are required. Most women are endowed with these qualities. Therefore she can become a better investor. 

Why is women's economic independence important

Disaster can strike the family at any time. Therefore, it is very important for women to be financially independent. It is not only important to earn money but it is more important to know where and how to invest it. Statistics show that the average age of women is higher than that of men. Therefore, it becomes very important for them to have adequate investments and assets after retirement. 

Fix the budget of income and expenses 

Women will have to decide every month's budget for this. After this he should start with small things. Learn to deposit and withdraw money by going to the bank. Make sure to use things like passbook, locker and ATM. They should do every transaction related to bank/investment themselves. Find insurance for your family and if you find out anything new, make sure to provide complete information about it. 

Pay attention not only to savings but also to investment

Women's entire attention remains on saving. However, they also need to understand and make investments. You should know that due to inflation the value of money decreases with time. Therefore, it is very important to make high returns by investing. 

Where to invest your money 

Banks and post offices are a better option for investment. In these the returns are less but the risk is negligible. Apart from this, women can also invest in gold and real estate. However, real estate takes a long time to generate returns and gold faces purity issues.  

Women can do mutual funds and SIP 

Mutual funds and SIP can be easy investment options for women. Risk and return potential are higher in equity funds. After this come hybrid funds and debt funds. Equity funds are for long term, while debt funds are for short term. Women can earn good profits by investing in mutual funds. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) can be started with just Rs 500 per month.

Make women economically empowered 

Let us empower our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters financially and give them a gift for their future life. I end my talk with this sentence of American journalist Gloria Steinem, ‘We have started raising daughters like sons, but only a few people have the courage to raise their sons like their daughters. ’

Disclaimer: The author is Head–Content Development-India at Franklin Templeton, the views published are his own.

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