Milk Price Hike: Your household budget may deteriorate, due to these reasons will the price of milk increase further?

Milk Price Increased: The common people are not yet seeing any relief from the reduction in milk prices. Milk prices may increase in the coming days and milk prices may reach a new high level, as its production is getting affected due to fodder and milch cattle. In such a situation, if the price of milk can increase in the coming years. Companies and farmers can increase the price of milk to make up for the loss. 

Why there is shortage in fodder 

Wheat is used in cattle feed. Due to increase in export of wheat, sufficient fodder is not available. On the other hand, the rains after the summer have caused more damage to the crops, due to which there has been a decrease in fodder for the cattle. Apart from this, there has also been a decrease in the number of animals giving milk. 

The price of milk increased by 13 to 15 percent 

Wholesale price inflation in milk was 6.99 per cent in December and 8.96 per cent in January and reached 10.33 per cent in February, increasing for the third consecutive month. According to experts, the retail milk price has increased by 13 to 15 per cent in the last 15 months amid a rise in global grain prices.

Why the increase in fodder cost?

Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, there has been a shortage of supply in the global market. Exports of wheat, barley and maize, which are major grains for fodder, have also increased. In such a situation, due to higher exports, there has been a jump of 20 to 25 percent in fodder, which has a share of 70 to 75 percent in milk production. 

The market may be affected by the weather 

Unseasonal rains have damaged the crops, which will not only lead to a decline in the production of food grains, but will also lead to a decline in the production of animal fodder. The cost of fodder will be higher and thus milk prices are likely to increase further. 

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