Salary package of Rs 27 lakh in IIT ISM, job offer to 801 students in IIT BHU

Salary package of Rs 27 lakh in IIT ISM, job offer to 801 students in IIT BHU

A total of 52 students were selected by various companies during the fourth day of test and interview at IIT BHU. Companies have given them job offers. On the fourth day only 14 companies came for selection. Interviews of some other companies continued till late night. In the campus placement drive that started at IIT BHU from the night of 1st December, till now a total of 232 companies have selected a total of 801 students on different profiles. Placement of more than 200 students is left in the placement drive which will continue till December 10. In four days, a total of nine students have received job offers from foreign companies, so the minimum package has reduced from Rs 12.50 lakh to Rs 10 lakh per annum. Till now no company has broken the offer of Rs 1.68 crore received in pre-placement. Placement Officer Prof. Sushant Srivastava said that the placement process is continuing at an uninterrupted pace. It is our endeavor that all the registered students get good placement.

27 lakh package in IIT ISM

The process of campus placement of students of the year 2024 batch is going on in IIT ISM Dhanbad. Till now 217 students have received job offers. 50 companies have participated in two days. On the second day, the highest pay package received was Rs 27 lakh per annum. Whereas students have got an average pay package of Rs 17.45 lakh. 30 companies are currently in the queue for the campus.

Salary package of Rs 1.68 crore on the first day in IIT, got one job offer after another, but due to one reason many students are disappointed

IIT Dhanbad Dean Corporate Communication Prof. According to Rajni Singh, despite the apprehension of a challenging placement season in the year 2024 due to the recession in the market, the students of IIT Dhanbad have had a good start to the campus. Five students have received offers from Japanese companies. 183 students have also received pre-placement offer. Students have got other roles including Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Robotics Engineer, Management Trainee. There is enthusiasm among the students due to the better start of campus placements. Due to Christmas vacation, the second phase will start from January 2. The campus placement process of companies will continue till 31st March.

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