Mountain and hill are not the same… it will not work just by roaming around, it is also important to know this

Difference In Mountain And Hill:  Most people choose hill stations or mountains to travel in the summer season. But do you know what is the difference between Mountain and Hill? Most people think that both mountain and hill are the same but it is not so, both have different meanings. Let’s find out…

What are mountains

High peaks are called mountains. Mountains are formed naturally and are very high. Usually their height is more than 2,000 meters. Mountains made of rock and soil in circular form on our earth have been formed due to faulting. According to scientists, when two tectonic plates of the Earth collide with each other, then one plate goes under the other plate. During this, the top plate comes out of the earth and mountains are formed.

How long does it take to build a mountain

The process of mountain formation is very long. It takes crores of years. Mountains grow by 5 to 10 inches year after year. Because lava comes out of the earth due to the sliding of the rock and the heavy pressure of the gases. Due to the height of the mountain, climbing it is very difficult. Mountains have two or more variations of climate and vegetation.

What are Hills  

Now talking about the hills, they are less high than the mountains. Hills are less than two thousand meters high. Like mountains, they are also formed with the help of faulting. The ascent of hills is not straight. In many places, hills are a part of the mountains. For example, the Delhi Rashtrapati Bhavan is built on a hill, which is named Raisina Hills.
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