Are you also a victim of multiple personality disorder, identify with these symptoms, know the treatment

Multiple Personality Disorder: You must have seen Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’. Both Avni and Manjulika live inside Vidya Balan, who plays the role of Avni Chaturvedi. In the medical term, this condition is called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) i.e. Multiple Personality Disorder. When many people start living inside a single person, then it is called multiple personality disorder. In our country it is often considered as the abode of ghosts but it is a mental illness. Let us know the causes, symptoms and treatment of this disease..

Symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder 

It is difficult to even guess when multiple personality disorder makes a person its victim. In this problem, no physical change or symptoms are visible in the person. Their mental behavior is also absolutely normal. Health experts have identified some symptoms of this disease, from which it can be ascertained whether a person is suffering from multiple personality disorder.
1. Not knowing the time
2. Always having confusion or confusion in the mind
3. low memory
4. behaving differently from regular behavior
5. Showing multiple personalities
6. sense of detachment

Causes of Multiple Personality Disorder

Due to some kind of experience in childhood, this problem is seen in most of the people. According to experts, if something has happened to a child like mental stress, sexual harassment and assault in childhood, then there is a high possibility of multiple personality disorder in the future. This problem can happen at any age. In this problem, being separated from your real life and living in another personality seems to be the solution to remain calm and happy. However, if one remains in this condition for a long time, it can also cause serious damage.

Treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder 

Psychologists treat multiple personality disorder. Talking Therapy’ With the help of this, an attempt is made to reach the root of this problem and it is treated by this. In this session the person troubled by the problem is treated in this way..
  • His condition is explained to him.
  •  Capacity to tolerate different emotions mentally is increased.
  •  Controls impulsive nature Work is done on doing.
  •  A work that can be done again in the future  Avoid detachment.
  • Focus on time and stress management.
  • Teaching to improve relationships.
  • . Patient confidence and trust is enhanced.
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