Bhujangasana Benefits : Do this asana once a day.. Get health benefits..

Bhujangasana Benefits : Do this asana once a day.. Get health benefits..

Bhujangasana Benefits : There is no need to tell you how many health benefits there are if you do Suryanamaskara daily. Moreover, each asana in it gives different benefits. But the most important thing to mention is Bhujangasanam. You can practice back bending asana at any time of the day. Moreover, this asana can be done very easily. It not only provides physical benefits.. It also provides mental and spiritual benefits. 

Bhujanga means serpent. Asana means posture. This asana got its name because it looks like a snake’s bed unfolded. Hence it is also called Cobra Pose by some. But how to do this asana? What are the benefits of doing so? Now let’s find out who should avoid this asana. 

How to do asana..

This asana is very easy to do. First lie down on the floor.. keep your face down and place your palms next to your shoulders. Now while stretching your legs.. inhale slowly. Now lift your body up with the help of shoulders. Make sure your legs are parallel to the floor. Hold this pose for 30 seconds.. then relax. This can be done for two to three minutes a day.. depending on your ability and time. 

Health Benefits of Bhujangasana

This asana offers you many health benefits. . Makes your muscles more flexible. Gives a good shape especially to your chest, arms, shoulders and neck. The pressure on the abdomen.. helps to reduce the stomach. Provides better digestive system. Very good for your respiratory system. Along with better blood circulation.. the kidney system becomes yours. 

Also strengthens the spine. Those who want to lose belly can definitely try this asana and get good results. Removes heart problems. Taking too much stress? But definitely try it and you will be in a better mood. It is beneficial for people with problems like asthma. 

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Who doesn’t want to do it.. 

Some people try this asana with so many benefits. Don’t do it. Pregnant women should avoid this asana. People who have undergone abdominal and back surgeries and have neck problems should consult their doctors before doing this asana. Don’t stress the body too much that the pose will not come properly especially when someone doing this asana stretches. Practicing this daily will improve your posture.

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