It was I who showed Faizan the dream of IIT, mother Rihanna regrets after son’s death

Faizan, who studied mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur, died in October last year. Faizan’s body was found in a room in the hostel itself. His death was said to be a suicide, but the possibility of murder has also been expressed. Police is also probing from the angle of murder. Meanwhile, Faizan’s mother has expressed regret for showing her son the dream of IIT. Rihanna said that it was my fault that I had shown her this dream. In fact, eight months before his death, Faizan had written to his hostel warden that he was scared.

Faizan said that I had not attended a program on friendly relations between junior and senior students. After this I was intimidated by the seniors and I am worried. Faizan had written that he should take immediate action in this matter and ensure my safety. Rihanna said that I had received the news of my son’s death on the 14th and I last spoke on the 11th. In the initial investigation of the police, the matter of suicide has come to the fore, but nothing has been said from IIT Kharagpur.

However, Faizan’s family members have raised objections to the police probe, saying they are not handling the case properly. Even the Calcutta High Court, while hearing this matter, reprimanded the administration of Kharagpur IIT. The court asked director VK Tiwari, ‘Do you have children? If you think of them, the pain of the children will be felt. The High Court made a strong comment on the issue of ragging. Now the matter is to be heard on February 13. Meanwhile, Faizan’s mother Rihanna is unable to forget her son’s grief. She keeps staring at the picture of her son all day long. His almirah has case files related to Faizan’s death and documents related to his son’s studies.

Rihanna heard about IIT from a professor

Seeing them, they feel more remorse as to how such a capable son was left behind. Rihanna told that she had opened a canteen in a college to help her husband earn. It was here that he heard the name of IIT from a professor and then told the child about it. Faizan started preparing for this and after three years he got admission in IIT. During the same time Corona came, he studied online, but when classes started in IIT in December 2021, he went to the campus with great joy, from where he did not return. This is the only thing Rihanna regrets even today.

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