Does your screen break even after tempered glass..? Is this the reason behind it?

Tempered Glass Price: Most of the people install tempered glass to provide a layer of protection on their smartphone display. Sometimes even these tempered glasses cannot save the display when the phone falls and it breaks. In such a situation, it can be said that these tempered glasses can only protect your phone from scratches and minor injuries. Why is it that despite this, your phone’s screen breaks? Screen guards available for Rs 100 do not protect the display from cracking. However, there are some options in the market which are quite expensive. In such a situation, let us know which type of tempered glass is right for your phone.

Many types of Tempered Glass come in the market
Screen Guard is used to give an extra layer of protection to the screen of smartphones. There are many types of screen guards available in the market. If you buy it from a road-side vendor, you get it for around Rs.50 to 100. However, sometimes its price is higher according to the smartphone model. On the online market place, you will also find screen guards priced from about Rs.100 to Rs.1000. Now you must be wondering why a screen guard costs so much? Actually, there is a long story behind it. There is also a question that why the display breaks even after the screen guard is installed? 

Why does the screen break?
If you just want to protect your phone screen from scratches, then cheap guards will do it easily. But if we talk about protecting it from breakage, then this guard will fail in this. Rather, sometimes it also becomes the reason for the breakdown of the screen. Actually, the thick screen guard eliminates the gap between the screen and the cover. Therefore, when the phone falls, its impact falls on the display, which would probably have been less had the screen guard not been there.

What is special about expensive screen guards
Actually, the cheap tempered glass or screen protectors available in the market can only protect the screen of the phone from scratches. These guards are not able to protect the phone when it falls. If the screen of the smartphone does not break after falling, consider it as luck. On the other hand, guards which cost up to Rs 1000-2000 can protect your screen well. The best technology is used to prepare them. Their design is also such that there is no direct pressure on the screen when the phone falls. At the same time, a very different type of glass is used in them. This is the reason why their cost is also more than normal.

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