What is Upendra Kushwaha going to say now, PC called between Nitish and Talkhi

Upendra Kushwaha has called a press conference on Friday amidst the ongoing ruckus in JDU. Kushwaha will interact with the media in the afternoon. It is being told that after the statements of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and other party leaders, Upendra Kushwaha can hit back at them. It is also discussed that he can also announce to leave JDU. Please tell that JDU leaders are now pressurizing Kushwaha to leave the party.

Upendra Kushwaha has called a press conference at his residence in Patna on Friday at around 12.30 pm. During this, they can keep their views on the rhetoric being made about them. Even three days ago, in a conversation with the media, he called himself a loyalist of Nitish Kumar, but also accused JDU leaders of conspiring to sideline him. After this, when CM Nitish advised him to leave the party, Kushwaha tweeted. In this, he denied the claim of taking his own stake in JDU.

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The politics of Bihar has heated up on this issue. Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav has also advised Kushwaha that instead of public platform, he should go to the party and speak his mind. On the other hand, Upendra Kushwaha is now seen in a cross mood. Last week, he met some Bihar BJP leaders at Delhi AIIMS. Speculations are also being made about his joining BJP.

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