Indian Railway: Why is the yellow stripe made on the railway platform? You will be surprised to know the reason!

Indian Railways, Yellow Indicator at Platform: Lakhs of passengers travel daily through Indian Railways. To provide a comfortable journey to the people, the railways also keep on providing new facilities. Railways have also made many rules for better operation of trains. It is very important for the passengers to follow these rules, otherwise fine may also have to be paid.

Similarly, many types of signs and symbols are made on the platforms where the trains stop, so that the passengers can stay safe. A yellow stripe is also made on the platform, which has a very important meaning. Today we will tell you about this yellow stripe, why the railways make it and what are the benefits of it to the passengers.

Why is the yellow stripe made?

This yellow stripe on the railway platform is made of color which goes from one end to the other. Through this yellow strip, the railway warns the passengers that until the train is standing on the platform, they should not go ahead of it. If the passengers go ahead of that yellow strip in a hurry, then they can also fall down from the platform and get hit by the train. At the same time, when the train comes on the platform, there is strong air pressure in it and if the passenger goes too close to the train, then any accident can happen.

There is also a strip at metro stations

For all these reasons, yellow stripes are made on the platform, so that people can remain alert and no accident happens to them. Even metro stations have yellow lines and if you try to cross before the metro arrives, the guard on the platform stops you from doing so. Overall, this strip is made so that no one crosses it until the train arrives.

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