Fire brigade did not have water, vehicle called from Himachal Pradesh, 4 girls burnt alive due to LPG cylinder explosion in house in Uttarakhand

A fierce fire broke out in Pachhwadun of Dehradun district of Uttarakhand on Thursday evening. Four girls, including real sisters, were burnt alive in a fierce fire in a two-storey house near Tons bridge in Tuni. The fire broke out after an explosion in an LPG gas cylinder. People allege that the fire brigade did not even have water and a vehicle was called from Himachal Pradesh.

It is alleged that it took half an hour for the fire brigade vehicle to reach from half a kilometer away. There was no water in the car, so the fire could not be controlled in time. This house, next to the bridge in Tuni, belonged to retired education officer Suratram Joshi, in which the families of three real sisters were living on rent.

The house caught fire while changing the cylinder at around 4 pm. The elders came out as soon as the fire broke out, but the girls were trapped inside. SO Tuni Ashish Rabian has confirmed the death of the four girls trapped inside. While four people have been injured. DM Sonika told that immediately after the information, the officials of the administration were sent to the spot. Strict action will be taken if negligence comes to light in the matter. A magisterial inquiry has been ordered into the entire matter.

Fire brigade does not have water, vehicle called from Himachal

From extinguishing the fire to getting treatment, negligence was seen. In such a situation, people got angry. It took half an hour for the fire engine to reach the fire station which was just half a kilometer away from the spot. People allege that the water in the fire brigade’s car was nominal.

By the time the car brought water again, it was too late.

There was a lot of negligence in the rescue work of the incident of burning alive of four innocent people in the fire incident. The fire brigade vehicle reached after half an hour to douse the fire caused by the explosion of the cylinder, but the water in that too was nominal. The villagers themselves tried to extinguish the fire by pouring water from the pipes, where the fire broke out.

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The fire brigade vehicle was parked half a kilometer away from it, but it took half an hour for the vehicle to reach the spot. Not only this, the fire brigade personnel could not fit the nozzle of the pipe on the vehicle. The people present at the spot somehow fitted the nozzle, but the fire engine ran out of water in a short while, whereas the capacity of this vehicle is 2400 litres.

Had the fire brigade not been negligent, the lives of four innocent people could have been saved. Locals informed Mori in Uttarkashi and Rohru in Himachal Pradesh after the fire brigade vehicle deployed at Tuni ran out of water, after which fire brigade vehicles reached the spot. After the arrival of both the vehicles, the vehicle of Tuni Fire Brigade also reached by filling water from Majhog, but by then the fire had taken such a huge form that it took hours to control the fire.

River flowing down, went six km to fill water

The Tons river is flowing only 30 meters below the spot, but when the water ran out, the fire brigade vehicle went six kilometers to fill water, from where it took one and a half hours to return to the spot. Surprisingly, the fire brigade vehicle did not have a motor, due to which water could not be drawn from the river. While each fire brigade vehicle has a motor so that water can be drawn from a pond or river in case of emergency.

People sitting on strike on the road, jammed

After the fire incident, the anger of the local people erupted accusing the police-administration of negligence. People sat on the road and blocked the road for a long time. People raised slogans against Tuni Police, Fire Brigade, Tehsil Administration and Health Department.

Local people told that the preparation of the fire department was half-incomplete. Only two-four jawans of the police station also reached the spot. It is alleged that the Revenue Police also remained missing during the entire incident. The revenue department kept taking information about the dead from the local people till late night.

SDM reached the spot five hours after the fire broke out. It is alleged that when four people burnt by fire were taken to Tyuni Hospital, doctors were not present in the hospital. Other health workers after applying ointment on the people scorched by the fire referred them to the Higher Center.

In such a situation, the injured were admitted to Rohru Hospital in Himachal. Late night people sat on dharna in front of the hospital. During this, Harpal Chauhan, Yashpal, Mahavir Singh, Om Prakash, Sardar Singh, Jawahar Singh, Swaraj Singh, Vikram Singh, Baru Dutt, Shyam Singh, Narendra etc. were involved.

Tyuni market has seen the orgy of fire before

In 2005, 250 houses in Tyuni market were gutted in a massive fire. Due to this fire, almost the entire Tyuni market was turned into ruins. This was followed by another fire in 2011, which also caused extensive damage.

Panic created by continuous blasts

Four families live on the fourth floor of a four-storey house. It is being told that a family’s cylinder caught fire, after which the fire increased and started reaching the kitchen of other families, due to which the cylinders exploded one after the other. It is being told that the continuous explosions from the house created panic, due to which no one could muster the courage to go near the house and all the four newborns inside the house were burnt alive.

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