Kalasa Banduri Project – The Kalasa Banduri Project has finally received the approval of the Centre

Kenchegowda, Bangalore

The time has come for the implementation of the Kalasa-Banduri Nala Diversion Project (Mahadai), which the people of Kittur Karnataka have been waiting for a long time. This project, which is intended to utilize 3.90 TMC feet of water from the Mahadayi River, has received the approval of the Union Ministry of Water Power, and within a week, the official order will reach the hands of each state government.

The Central Water Commission and the Inter-State River Water Disputes Authority have already received the approval of the Rs 1,300 crore Revised Detailed Project Report (DPR) submitted by the state government last July. Now the Union Hydropower Ministry has also said OK. As soon as the consent letter is received, the state government is preparing to start the work of the project. 1,000 crore in the current year’s budget for this purpose. Funds are earmarked.

The plan is narrow

A total of Rs 1,677 crore has been allocated for the year 2021-22 in connection with this project, which has been the demand of the people of North Karnataka for many years. The state government had given administrative approval to the project report of the estimated amount. 429 hectares of forest land was estimated to be required for construction of 28 meter dam and canals.

But as it was difficult to get necessary approvals for this project report, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) was revised. In the revised DPR, instead of constructing a 28 meter high dam, its height was reduced to 11 meters. The DPR was changed to pump water through the construction of two jackwells instead of one.

We are working together to implement the Mahadayi, Kalasa Banduri Yojana: Minister Munenakoppa
A change was made in the proposal to acquire forest land to divert water through diversion channel. In the revised DPR, a proposal to build canals only where necessary and carry water through huge pipes along the highway was included in the revised DPR.

In the revised DPR, the forest land required for the project has shrunk from 426 hectares to just 59 hectares. The need for land acquisition did not arise for the construction of the canal. So there was no problem with the approval of the Ministry of Environment. Even the 2006 notification regarding the environmental impact study of the Kalasa-Banduri Nala Diversion Project, as it was mainly a drinking water project, did not stand in the way. Therefore, the central government’s approval process for the project has been streamlined, according to top sources in the state’s water resources department.

MLA Anjali Nimbalkar opposes the use of Khanapura land for Kalasa Banduri
Farmer struggle, BJP effort

During the previous Congress government, the farmers and people of Navlagunda area had fought a massive struggle for the implementation of the Mahadayi Yojana. With the firm decision that the scheme should be implemented, the state government had been trying to exert constant pressure on the centre. CM Basavaraj Bommai and Water Resources Minister Govinda Karajola had met the Union Water Power Minister Gajendrasingh Shekhawat and requested them dozens of times. At last this attempt was successful.

The long-awaited time of the people of North Karnataka is approaching. The Union Ministry of Hydropower has approved the Kalasa-Banduri project. The work will be started soon.
– Govinda M. Karajola, Minister of Water Resources

What is the plan?

This is a project to divert water from Mahadayi River near Kanakumbi in Khanapur through two jackwells. This will provide permanent drinking water to Hubli-Dharwad twin cities, surrounding towns and villages. The Mahadayi River Water Dispute Tribunal in its judgment dated August 14, 2018 had allocated 3.90 TMC of water for this purpose.

Original plan revised

28 meters by 11 meters

Wanted forest
429 ha to 59 ha

1677 Crore Rs. 1,300 crore Rs.

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