Nandini Brand: Continued fight against ‘Amul’, voice for state identity ‘Nandini’

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Bengaluru: The battle against the sale of Gujarat’s ‘Amul’ milk and milk products in the state continues on social media, with political leaders and people raising their voice in favor of the state’s iconic ‘Nandini’ brand.

There is a heated discussion about the entry of ‘Amul’ into the state market to overcome the state assembly elections. There is a huge movement on social media for the survival of ‘Nandini’ and the people have left the cold of the rulers.

KMF Nandini Vs Amul : What injustice did Knandini KMF do to Gujaratis? Deprivation of creation by D.K Suresh Akrosha

‘Amul’ ride on ‘Nandini’?

Opposition leader Siddaramaiah has tweeted, “You come to Karnataka to give or take from the Kannadigas, the banks, ports and airports built by the Kannadigas have been destroyed. Are you going to close our Nandini now?” asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi bitterly.

“The Bank of Baroda that swallowed our Vijaya Bank is from Gujarat. Adani is from Gujarat which swallowed the port, airport, Amul is from Gujarat which is now going to swallow KMF. This Gujarati invasion can no longer be tolerated. Respectfully stop selling Amul products in Karnataka. Don’t go to criticize Kannadigas’ patriotism and self-respect,” he warned.

“The attack on Nandini milk and milk products started from the day Amit Shah proposed merger of KMF with Amul. Suddenly Nandini milk and milk products are disappearing from the market. The sales of Amul milk and products sent by you from Gujarat have increased. Are these all natural developments? 2 crore jobs per year were not given to the youth as promised, instead the job opportunities of Kannadigas in our banks, ports and airports were taken away. Now Modi is the one who hits the stomach of the farmers,?” he asked.

Nandini Milk: Knandini’s outrage against Amul, KMF’s merger is up for grabs
“We did not reduce the purchase because the milk increased. We implemented Ksheerabhagya Yojana to provide extra milk to school children free of charge. This is our style of governance which has been developed by cow wealth, farmer wealth and children’s wealth,” he expressed outrage.

Pride of Kannadigas
“KMF and Nandini are Karnataka’s best examples of value addition or local production, the pride of Kannadigas,” Karnataka Rashtra Samiti Party State President Ravi Krishna Reddy wrote on his Facebook account.

“Local production and consumption of local products will grow the local economy. In addition, it reduces dependence on others and increases self-reliance. By discouraging the unnecessary transportation of long distance transportation of products, global warming will be reduced and it will also be eco-friendly. All agricultural products should be value added at the source and thereby self-sustainable economy should be built in the rural areas,” he suggested.

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