Fifty percent of Indian employees resign because of this, survey reveals shocking facts

Things have changed a lot after Corona. Major changes have occurred especially in the field of jobs. Work from home, hybrid work modes are introduced. Still 80 percent of employees are working from home. Due to this, employees are getting burn out. That means you have to work longer at home than in the office. They used to go to the office from time to time and come home. Now I have to work at home till the day’s work or issue is done. Due to this, those who work nine hours in the office have to work 12 to 15 hours at home. Because of this, cynicism is increasing. They are thinking of leaving this job and getting another job. According to a recent report, one out of every two Indians who are working from home are looking for a job change due to burnout. Burnout is an epidemic. It is an invisible health problem. Emotionally very effective.

Fifty percent of people…
User‌ According to the testing report, 50 percent of our country is burnt‌out‌ It has been found that they are resigning due to this.  20 ​​percent found that they could not balance work and personal life and were ready to quit. Working from home has given me some flexibility. It also increases productivity and efficiency. Due to this, many companies are not calling employees to come to offices. But it has become very difficult for the employees to work for such a long time. Having to work long hours. If the managers are taking a long time in the name of meetings, they have to work a little more time to complete the given target. 

After Corona, 55 percent of the employees in our country have seen an increase in their working hours. According to the survey, 80 percent still follow a hybrid work model. But the report says that 10 percent work some days from office and some days from home. 

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