CM Bommai – 60 to 70 units of electricity is enough, it is ridiculous that Congress will give 200 units

Bangalore: “Maximum 60 to 70 units of electricity per month is enough for household use. However, it is ridiculous that the Congress has said that they will give 200 units of electricity free of cost to the voters in the wake of the elections. This is a strategy to manipulate the people,” Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai stung the Congress leaders.

Inaugurating BESCOM’s Bangalore City and Rural, Ramnagar, Chitradurga, Tumkur, Kolar, Chikkaballapur and Davangere district office buildings on Monday, he said, “Power politics is going on in the energy sector. Foreign coal was imported and mixed with local coal and could not be used and had to suffer losses. Without a complementary energy policy, the energy department was used for their political gain and the power sector suffered losses,” he indirectly lashed out at KPCC president DK Shivakumar.

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Under Kutira Jyoti, Bhagya Jyoti scheme, 40 units of electricity are being provided free of cost to poor people. The central government is providing subsidy to farmers for solar pump sets. 3 thousand crores in the budget for KPTCL. We are giving We will take action for salary revision of KPTCL employees. Let good things happen through centers of excellence. Human resource should be used along with technology. Losses in energy sector should be calculated scientifically. The loss in electricity should be reduced,” he said.

“For the first time in Asia, power generation started in Karnataka. After hydropower, thermal power, wind and solar power are produced by the state, leading the state. Karnataka is a developing state and the demand for fuel is constantly increasing. Demand can be met only if power generation increases. However, after the power generation increases, its storage is not possible. Thus, special management skills are required to balance demand, supply and distribution,” he opined.

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Eskoms are in debt

About Rs 16 thousand crore. Despite electricity subsidy, Eskoms are in debt. 9 thousand crores for the energy sector in the last year and a half. Given. Special grants have been given to Eskom and KPTCL. 2,500 crores from electricity management, electricity generation, storage and sale of surplus electricity in summer. Profits are earned. Adequate electricity service is being provided to all categories of customers. A large number of transformers are being prepared in view of summer,” he said.

Permission for SCADA-2

“The Department of Energy has managed SCADA very successfully. SCADA-2 is allowed. Upgrading it will increase efficiency. Steps have been taken to increase pumped storage capacity by using more renewable energy. Sharavati project has been undertaken under Pumped Storage. We are giving priority to the manufacture of solar batteries for the purpose of electricity storage,” he said.

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He explained that “Energy and Transport Departments have suffered losses and a separate committee has been formed to strengthen these departments financially and improvements are being made as per the report.”

Energy Minister Sunil Kumar, MLA Satish Reddy, Additional Chief Secretary Kapil Mohan, BESCOM Managing Director Mahantesh Baragi participated.

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